Secure, integrate and automate

Single sign-on to integrate with your user management system. API to programmatically export your data to a data warehouse or Business Intelligence engine.

Single sign-on with Okta / Microsoft Azure

  1. Ease of use

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    Support platform adoption and integration by putting InspectLoop on your enterprise portal.

  2. Increase productivity

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    SSO discourages security fragmentation and streamlines application access workflows.

  3. Boost security

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    Minimize risks caused by poor password habits. Enforce strong password policies.

Integrate and automate

  1. Reduce repetitive work

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    Easily schedule calls for data and photo exports. Filter and share as needed.

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    Automatically update large site and users lists with Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

  2. Always secure

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    Data is encrypted in transit and protected with an account, user, and time-sensitive cryptographic key.

Site data upload

All your site data in one place.

Easy import
Import and display sales, human resources, inventory, and other third party store data.
Automate data updates
Schedule automatic data updates with SFTP.
Secure hierarchy
Granular control so you can choose who can see data.

Customers are saying

Rexall Pharmacy Group
“[InspectLoop] gives us the capability and the data to focus in on areas of operational weakness. In particular, InspectLoop helps us tie the audit process into coaching opportunities.”
Snr. Director, Retail Support Services
Rexall Pharmacy Group

“88% of customers say InspectLoop improves store communication and execution.”
Ashley Home Stores
“We have seen a marked impact in our stores. They have gone up 25 points on average in one season. They used to score in the 60's and now they are scoring 80 / 85 / 90%. InspectLoop has created more awareness and accountability at store level.”
V.P of Global Visual Merchandising
Ashley Global Retail LLC

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