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Merchandising superpower

Checklists, tasks, photos, videos and secure communication to help you roll-out and verify merchandising programs.

Equip your teams - InspectLoop

Equip your teams

Collaborative calendar, maps with route planning, easy-to-use platform on any device, online or offline.
Boost productivity - InspectLoop

Boost productivity

Put everything your team needs to implement merchandising programs in one place. Easy adoption.
Improve execution - InspectLoop

Improve execution

Streamline program rollouts by assigning tasks and tracking completion in real-time.

Execute merchandising programs

Deploy your merchandising programs on time, in full, in every store.

  1. Promotions and seasonal

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    Use photos and videos to validate promotions and seasonal programs including POP displays, dump bins, banners, end caps, display tables and racks.

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    Create as many checklists as you need in minutes to rollout and verify merchandising programs.

  2. Sales floor

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    Verify layout, lighting, fixtures and displays.

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    Verify planogram and shelves, facings, placement, cross merchandising, and pricing.

  1. Verify merchandising

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    Date stamped geocoded tracking to see completion with photographic evidence.

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    Eliminate time spent tracking issues through email and manual follow-up.

  2. Measure consistency

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    Instantly generate and share reports to track performance by store, region or store attributes.

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    Identify strong performers and opportunities for improvement.

The features you need

Standardize merchandising and marketing program roll-out across all stores.

Gain visibility

Know where your programs are executed and where there are coaching opportunities.

Be reachable

Direct, trackable messaging between you and designated individuals or groups. Allow stores to alert you when they require assistance.

Drive brand standards

Track trends over time. Proactively identify and address issues to protect the brand and bottom line.

Share photos and videos

Take photos, videos and share notes. Attach photos to inspections, tasks, and corrective actions. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Real-time data

Teams can instantly access results, track, and verify issue resolution. Run aggregate and raw filtered reports. Automate data exports with the API and integrate with your data warehouse.

Proven results

Massage Envy Franchising Logo
“We have been able to improve field execution and accountability to our brand standards through use of the InspectLoop platform to document field visits.”
Manager, Business Policy and Operations Standards
Massage Envy Franchising

“92% of InspectLoop customers report improved execution of merchandising programs.”
Seattle Goodwill
“InspectLoop has helped us achieve greater consistency, efficiency and a stronger in-store experience.”
Director, Business Development and Strategies
Seattle Goodwill

Brand standards

On time, in full, at every site