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Drive brand standards, guest experience, dining and health and safety across all hotels

🛎️ Gain visibility. Drive brand standards.

Customizable workflows for hotel operations, branding and guest experience with one platform.

  1. Guest experience

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    Verify room conditions, housekeeping and guest bathrooms.

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    Create a record of proactive cleanliness and safety.

  2. Branding and signage

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    Verify branding and signage are in place throughout.

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    Ensure execution is on point with photos and videos.

  3. Facilities and equipment

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    Use checklists to ensure regular maintenance.

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    Verify use of preferred vendors.

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    Attach site photos, videos and documents to demonstrate cleaning and sanitation procedures.

  1. Breakfast and dining

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    Verify room setup, equipment and presentation.

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    Verify food and beverage selection.

  2. Staff

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    Engage with housekeeping and guest services.

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    Confirm employees adhere to dress code and guest interaction standards.

The features you need

Report incidents

Create tickets in minutes from any device. Record type, site, and details. Assign due date for resolution. Close tickets from any device, anywhere.

Assign tasks

Create in minutes. Set Priorities. Track completion in-real time. Teams are notified automatically.

Set permissions

Built-in field hierarchy, hotel affiliations and franchisees allow you to keep information confidential where necessary.

Analyze trends

Generate unlimited reports to identify your strongest franchisees and functional areas and opportunities for improvement.

Share photos and videos

Take photos and videos and share notes. Attach photos to inspections, tasks, and corrective actions. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Real-time data

Teams can instantly access results, track, and verify issue resolution. Run aggregate and raw filtered reports. Automate data exports with the API and integrate with your data warehouse.

Proven results

Health and safety

95% of InspectLoop customers report improved health and safety.

Customer experience

89% of InspectLoop customers report improved customer experience.

Business risks

91% of InspectLoop customers report a reduction in business risks.

Brand standards

On time, in full, at every site