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Operations for champions

Checklists, tasks, photos and videos to deploy retail and hospitality brand standards to every site, every time. Verify and measure execution.

Standardize - InspectLoop


Instantly send standards to all team members so everyone is on the same page.
Boost productivity - InspectLoop

Boost productivity

Track and analyze trends in real-time. Communicate and verify in one step.
Reduce risks - InspectLoop

Reduce risks

Assign and fix issues before they damage your reputation and sales. Create a record of proactive resolution.

Execute brand standards

Communicate, execute, and track key programs with checklists, tasks, corrective actions, photos, videos and signatures.

  1. Customize forms

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    Create as many forms as you need in minutes to verify your standards are adopted.

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    Deploy updates instantly.

  2. Inspect your sites

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    Schedule inspections. Built-in store affiliation lets you choose who can use what forms and where.

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    Work on any device, online or offline.

  1. Analyze and fix

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    Track and analyze trends with aggregate and filtered reports.

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    Assign corrective actions and see completion and days elapsed.

  2. Know when and where

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    GPS coordinates captured so you know where inspections happened.

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    Verify data collected with digital signatures.

The features you need

Verify brand standards across all sites. Communicate and track key initiatives.

Equip your teams

Intuitive platform can be learned in minutes. Collaborative calendar and route planning. Gather data online or offline.

Assign tasks

Assign to some or all team members. Track the status of tasks in real-time. Attach photos to demonstrate completion.

Drive brand standards

Track trends over time. Identify and address issues to protect the brand and bottom line.

Share photos and videos

Take photos, videos and share notes. Attach photos to inspections, tasks, and corrective actions. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Real-time data

Teams can instantly access results, track, and verify issue resolution. Run aggregate and raw filtered reports. Automate data exports with the API and integrate with your data warehouse.

Proven results

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“Prior to using InspectLoop, we lacked follow-up from our store visits with our teams. By using InspectLoop, we now have feedback loops built in.”
Snr. Manager of Store Operations & Customer Service

“88% of customers say InspectLoop improves store communication and execution.”
PCRK Group
“InspectLoop helps us ensure that none of our fundamental business processes stop, and that our field leaders have structured, well-documented unit visits.”
Chief Operating Officer
PCRK Group

Brand standards

On time, in full, at every site