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Security and reliability

Single sign-on, firewalls, encryption, physical security, and redundancy. We take the security of your data seriously.

Steps we take to secure your data

All data protected in transit. Key data encrypted at rest. All data backed up redundantly.


Firewalls and network infrastructure

Every InspectLoop server is protected by a firewall that monitors traffic on multiple protocols and ports. Application and data-storing servers reside in private subnets, not the public Internet. They can only be reached from specific hosts, on specific ports. Access to our servers is granted on a "need to know" basis only and protected by two-way authentication and cryptographic keys.


Encryption in transit

All data traveling to and from your device is encrypted, always.

All information traveling between your computer, tablet or smartphone and InspectLoop servers is protected from eavesdroppers with 256-bit SSL encryption. The lock icon in your browser indicates that you aren't on a phishing site impersonating InspectLoop and that your data is secure in transit.


Encryption at rest

Passwords are encrypted in our database using one-way encryption.

This means no one at InspectLoop knows your password. If you cannot remember it, you need to change it.

Better yet, implement Single sign-on with Okta or Microsoft Azure and centralize password management.


Physical security

The InspectLoop servers are located at Amazon data-centers, in multiple availability zones, in the United States ( and Ireland ( The servers holding and managing your data are protected with physical security controls including perimeter controls such as fencing, walls, security staff, video surveillance, intrusion detection systems and other electronic means. For more information about Amazon's physical security and compliance, please refer to AWS Compliance Whitepapers.



InspectLoop implements continuous data-replication across multiple hosts in multiple availability zones so there is no single point of failure, hardware or otherwise, in the database access layer. InspectLoop data is imaged and backed-up daily to multiple secured sites to ensure that, even in the event of a natural disaster, your data can be quickly restored.



InspectLoop servers are distributed across several availability zones (independent data centers) and are elastically load-balanced to avoid single points of network failure and ensure availability under load and quick response times.

Brand standards

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