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Configurability is at the heart of the Compliantia platform. It means you have the ability to manage every aspect of the service and workflow.

Build your own Forms

Build forms using an intuitive web-based form builder. Create forms, attach photos and documents, define restrictions, export and more. Build larger forms in Excel™ and import them. Have as many forms as you need, each with its own effective date, expiry date and applicable restrictions.

Manage your own Stores and Users

Add, update and inactivate locations and users using the web interface. Create the store and user list in Excel™ and upload it to Compliantia. Changes are applied immediately.

Create your own Workflows

Control and tune most aspects of the service and create your own workflows. Control who gets notifications, who sees audits, whether action plans are needed and whether sign-offs are required.

One-Day Setup

Create your account in just minutes. Upload a store and user list, create forms and data-collection workflows just as fast. When you are ready, our automation and consultants will help you get up and running quickly. How quickly? You will be up and running in one day.

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