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Facilities that work

Shrink the gap between sites, facilities and head office. Gain real-time visibility across your sites.

📍 Better, safer facilities

Operations, health and safety and loss prevention inspections with one intuitive platform.

  1. Boost productivity

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    Put all the resources teams need to do their jobs on one intuitive platform.

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    Ensure best practices are followed for operational efficiency.

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    Deploy updates instantly to all sites.

  2. Reduce risks

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    Identify issues and root causes before they become liabilities.

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    Verify resolution with time stamps, photos, videos and signatures.

  3. Health and safety

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    Food safety, fire safety, etc. Instantly update regulations or push policies to all sites and verify completion with photos and videos.

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    Create incident report forms or tickets for site submission.

  1. Rollout programs

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    Assign task with mandatory photos to confirm standards are followed.

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    Share photos and comments.

  2. Loss prevention

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    Automate inspections and follow-up to reduce waste. Identify issues before they escalate to problems and profit loss.

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    Communicate policies to all sites and audit to verify adoption.

The features you need

Set permissions

Built-in field hierarchy and site affiliations allow you to keep information confidential where necessary.

Build customizable inspections

Create unlimited checklists for daily operating procedures including tasks for worker safety, envionmental and equipment maintenance.

Automate corrective actions

Effectively manage incidents by assigning responsibility at the site level. Automate notifications and reminders. Track resolution in real-time from anywhere

Monitor with sensors

Site sensors monitor temperature and humidity around the clock. View real-time data from any device, anywhere. Notifications and alerts sent to the appropriate team members.

Share photos and videos

Take photos, videos and share notes. Attach photos to inspections, tasks, and corrective actions. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Real-time data

Teams can instantly access results, track, and verify issue resolution. Run aggregate and raw filtered reports. Automate data exports with the API and integrate with your data warehouse.

Proven results

Health and safety

95% of InspectLoop customers report improved health and safety.

Time Savings

92% of district managers report saving time with InspectLoop.

Business risks

91% of InspectLoop customers report a reduction in business risks.

Brand standards

On time, in full, at every site