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The Numbers


Number of stores worldwide where Compliantia is used.


Number of retail professionals in our moderated LinkedIn groups District Managers and Retail Operations and Retail Audits, Store Visits and Store Data Collection.


Number of stores supported by Compliantia. Create and maintain every store and user with a single file upload.


Percentage of users using a smartphone or tablet. Compliantia supports iOS™ and Android™


Length of the free trial, in days. Try it with your forms, users and stores, in the field.


Number of reports and dashboards available in Compliantia, out of the box. All exports can be filtered, sorted and exported to Excel™ and PDF.


Number of countries where Compliantia is used. We have customers in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.


Amount customers spend on hardware, software and maintenance. Compliantia is cloud-based, hosted and secure.

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