When can I start?

Your account will be set up in minutes. You can be fully operational in the field in hours.

Do you offer support?

We help new customers upload sites, users and forms.
We provide detailed and fast support by email.
Online help is available and extensive.

How am I billed?

No credit card is required for the free trial.
Subscription customers are billed automatically by credit card on the monthly anniversary of their subscription.
Other customers are billed monthly, quarterly or yearly by invoice. US customers are billed in US $. Canadian customers are billed in Canadian $. European customers are billed in €. UK customers are billed in £.
There is no setup fee, no per-seat license, no hardware, software or maintenance cost.

Do I sign a contract?

Other than the registration's non-disclosure, no contract is required for the free trial.
Subscription customers are asked to accept the terms of service, electronically.
Other customers sign a service agreement with multi-year price protection and standard clauses (confidentiality, non-disclosure, customer owns data, etc...).

Can I cancel?

Once subscribed, you can cancel at any time, with no penalties. A cancelled service remains available until the end of the prepaid month in progress.

Can I export my data?

Contractually, the customer's data is the sole and exclusive property of the customer. The service is granted a license to the customer's data for the sole purpose of providing the service.
Using the web interface or the API, you can export forms, inspoections and most reports to Excel, PDF, JSON or XML.

Tell me more

The service was established in 2009. It operates in over 100 countries and 22 languages. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Betterdot Systems Inc, established in 1999.
Betterdot Systems is registered with Dun & Bradstreet.